Toan Viet Production Co., Ltd specializes in providing fine art paper with high quality imported from Italy (Fabriano), Korea (Hansol), Taiwan and some other countries. Fine art paper is applied to many different purposes in printing and designing paper products such as: Paper strengthening boxes, packing, high-class bags, card making paper, Drawing paper, Printing paper (Catalogue, Brochures, Name cards...)

Often used to make high-end and luxurious boxes, jewelry bags, bags, cosmetic boxes or chocolate boxes.
With diversified types of card paper with different styles from wedding invitations, greeting cards, handmade cards, 3D cards or Quiling cards, depending on card usage and purpose, they will have different grammage, color and grain to create different special effects to suit the diverse needs of customers.
Toan Viet Production Co., Ltd provides art drawing paper (canson) for lead drawing (using thin paper 100gsm) and watercolor drawing paper (using thick paper from 220gsm - 250gsm - 300gsm), with sizes from A0 (84x120) , medium A0 (79x109), A1 (60x84), A2, A3, A4, A5, ... depending on customer's needs.
Fine art paper with a smooth or lumpy surface will be used more for printing products with commonly used papers such as: Extra Print White, grammages of 150 gsm - 180gsm - 210gsm - 250gsm - 300gsm, or Xtella Natural with grammages of 128gsm - 156gsm - 256gsm - 270gsm - 300 gsm